Power found in Profession.

Specialist quality standards.

A model that is second to none.

PAAU offers you the best from the world of plastic aesthetic surgery. The foundation is formed by experienced, top-trained medical specialists. People who, by nature of their profession, are dedicated to patient well-being, and whose extremely high quality standards for medical beauty treatments now unite them in the PAAU idea.

In order to reliably maintain the highest standards of specialist medical quality, PAAU has established its own academy. Currently, 25 physicians are trained here several times a week according to the highest international standards. Our top trainers and specialists work together with the world market leaders in the field of botulinum and fillers.

PAAU is a highly professional attitude that brings together professionals, practices and the next generation of plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. med. Lars Kleining
Head of the PAAU Academy

Specialist expertise X World market leader

Get to know the individual possibilities that this exclusive interaction at PAAU opens up for you.

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Well done, of course.

A perceptible freshness kick, a small effective support - at PAAU, less is often more. Because we also measure "well done" by the degree of naturalness of the optical result.

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